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Financing SaaS, HaaS, MaaS, and DaaS

Contract financing can function as a long-term growth engine for your business and eliminate the need for additional equity.

This Contract-based financing program lends money to Cloud Service Providers and Managed Service Providers (SP's). SP's have traditionally fundeded their companies through equity placements and have had limited access to restrictive debt financing. SaaS Financing provides the SP with a financing alternative to grow their business while maintaining its existing ownership structure.

Growth Capital for Cloud Service providers

Our financing solution provides debt financing in the form of a term loan that is tied to your revenue stream. This "revenue financing" structure, combined with our unique udnerwriting criteria, makes us the right partner for growing your SaaS busniess. Use this financing solution in lieu of Series A, B or C capital rounds.

Credit criteria and Deal structure

  1. Where hardware is required to enable the sale of Cloud Services: When Vendors sell a solution that includes hardware, we will build a program that covers the cost of the hardware and funds a component of the services agreement.
  2. Where there is a fixed contract for a service and there is no hardware required: We are simply reviewing the monthly recurring revenue stream with the goal of funding the full agreement according to set payment structure
  3. Where there is a pay for use type arrangement: We work with the vendor to create a financing structure that encompasses the measurement and billing of the utility offering and allows the clients to add and delete capacity as required.

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